Reaching our target audience.

We find that most charities have a difficult time reaching today's youth.

The Envolve Project focuses on creating viral imagery for new media that acts as a "call to arms" for a variety of causes. We hope that the dissemination of these thoughts and images through popular online avenues, such as Facebook, Vine, and Instagram, will rally young people to become involved in charitable foundations. We want to create buzz-worthy pieces that grab viewers attention and surprise them.

The Envolve Project promises to never use negative imagery to guilt and shame viewers into donating. We feel that this tactic is classless and counter-productive. It is our goal to delight, inspire, and motivate people to get involved in causes they care about.

We think of ourselves as middle men between young people today and the charities that need their help. 

Please see our Works page for case by case examples.